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With 20 years of experience, we are proud to provide a  variety of services to make your clothes look the way you imagined it to  be. We alter, repair and adjust clothing for men, women, and children.  We make tailoring alterations for all shapes and sizes.              


 • Pant Hems
• Jean Hems
• Waists
• Seats
• Sleeves
• Bodies
• Shirt Shaping
• Business Suits
• Bathing Suits
• Lingerie
• Coats
• Leather Clothing

 • Zippers              

Alter Wedding Dresses

 • Bridesmaid Dresses
• Flower Girl Dresses
• Mother of the Bride Dresses
• Mother of the Groom Dresses

Alter Suits

 • Coat & Suit Linings: repair/replace
• Shirt & Jacket Sleeves: shorten/lengthen
• Hems: shorten/lengthen
• Elbow Patches: add/replaces
• Pockets: repair/replace
• Buttons: re-attach/replace
• Zippers: repair/replace 

We also do same day tailoring!